Saturday, 8 August 2015

Yet more gulls, Preston Dock

I seem to be overdosing on gulls at the moment, but at least on a warm sunny day like today at Preston Dock it wasn't too unpleasant an experience. There's been a 1st summer ring-billed gull and a juvenile yellow-legged gull on the wave breakers off Mariners Way for nearly a week now. The ring-billed gull was straight forward enough to identify, but I found the yellow-legged gull a real challenge, but it appears that find it we did in the end.

Year: 242 (Yellow-legged gull)

Juvenile yellow-legged gull.I don't claim to be an expert with gulls, especially birds which are not adults. However, this was a big gull, bigger than the nearby herring gulls, with long legs and a big bill. It also has a white collar and throat and dark mask, and two new anchor shaped scapulars.

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