Sunday, 23 August 2015

Lesser Yellowlegs, Conder Green

A lesser yellowlegs was found at Conder Green near Glasson Dock this morning, so after a short stint (ha!) at Hesketh Out Marsh we decided to head north. We arrived at about 14:00 and had decent views of the bird for about 20 minutes, albeit against the sun, until the yellowlegs and all of the other waders were spooked by something and flew off onto the Lune. It was relocated on the Conder at about 16:40, but by that time it wasn't the sun that was the problem it was torrential rain, thunder and lightening and blackness like it was the middle of the night! By this time though we had moved to Glasson Dock in search of a spoonbill, but like yesterday at Hesketh Out Marsh, we failed.

Year: 245 (Lesser yellowlegs)

If the bird is too far away to get a decent photo at least try to make a rubbish photo of the bird atmospheric and interesting!!! I have loads of atmospheric and interesting photos.....

Should we go back to the car?

No, it will pass over.

It's only a shower.....

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