Thursday, 23 July 2015


We camped for five nights near Stonehenge and today we called in for a look at this most impressive place. Rather than pay £15 each or whatever it cost to get into the visitor centre, we paid a fiver on the car park and walked the mile and a half to the monument, which at least gave us the opportunity to take in the countryside on the way, and included some of the best butterfly watching we had experienced all holiday.


Large white.

Marbled white. Notice the hoverfly zooming in on the bottom right of the photo! If I'd wanted a photo of a flying hoverfly I bet I couldn't have got one so sharp and so good even if I'd taken a 1000 pictures!

Silver-washed fritillary 

More photos of silver-washed fritillary.

I don't care how touristy it may seem, Stonehenge is a really impressive sight and gives me goose bumps everytime I see it.

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