Saturday, 11 July 2015

River Dee, Farndon

We called in here because it is a good spot for club-tailed dragonfly and white legged damsellefly. The latter mainly flies in May or early June and we expected it to be well over by now, so we were surprised to find one perched on a balsam leaf. No sign of the damselfly though.

Club-tail dragonfly. I was deep in the vegatation when I took this and the balsam was almost head height. All I could see was the dragonflies head! I lifted the camera above my head and pointed it in what I thought was the correct direction and clicked and hoped, I was then able to review the photo to confirm that it was indeed club-tail! Notice that unlike most species of dragonfly which have their eyes touching, club-tail has it's eyes set wide apart more like the damselflies.


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