Sunday, 24 May 2015

White-winged Black Tern, Martin Mere

A cracking summer plumage white-winged black tern enticed me back to Martin Mere today, for what I believe is my first visit of the year. At one time I was never away from the place and I volunteered on the reserve for a while, but circumstances change and you move on to other things. Great to be back today though, and the tern though somewhat distant on Woodend marsh was still a great sight as it hawked for insects. This was the first summer plumage bird I have seen in the UK, though I did once see a flock of about 200 in Northern Greece.

Also on Woodend marsh a Temminck's stint and a little stint. At one time Martin Mere was just about the only place where I saw Temminck's stint and I could rely on them here almost every spring. However a combination of me not going as often and the species becoming a little less reliable at the site made this the first I have seen at Martin Mere since 1999.

Year: 221 (White-winged black tern)

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