Monday, 4 May 2015

Red-throated Pipit, Ludworth Moor

A stunning summer plumage red-throated pipit at Ludworth Moor on the Manchester / Derbyshire border was an unexpected addition to my UK list this afternoon. When we arrived it was showing at very close range, though it was walking through the juncus and often disappeared for several minutes, and the weather was awful, making photography all but impossible without destroying the camera. Later it showed more out in the open but at a greater distance. A fanstatic bird, well done to the finder.

UK: 408; Year: 207 (Red-throated Pipit)

Red-throated pipit and meadow pipit.

Extremely annoyingly, I had the camera accidently set on 3200 ISO when I took this photo which has made it very grainy. Doh!

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