Saturday, 30 May 2015

Corncrake, Cheshire

I never expected to hear let alone see a singing corncrake in the North West but that's exactly what happened today. The bird has been present for several days apparently but for a variety of reasons exact details of its location have not so far been released, not least because it's a Schedule 1 breeding bird and no matter how unlikely it may seem, there's the possibilty that it might be breeding.

However, I think I can say that it's in Cheshire given that it's been reported once on Birdguides and several photos have appeared on twitter.

The bird was seen well on several occasions over a 30 minute period and once seemed to have a disagreement with a grey partridge.

Also tonight, corn bunting and grey partridge.

Year: 222 (Corncrake); North West: 355

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