Sunday, 15 March 2015

Otter and elf cup at Leighton Moss

At long last, after visiting Leighton Moss regularly for over 30 years, today I finally caught up with otter on the reserve! We watched two otters fishing in front of the Public hide for about 20 minutes. A fantastic experience! A bit distant for good photos, but what do I care? These are the first photos I have ever managed to take of otters.

Another first for me at Leighton Moss, scarlet elf cup Sarcoscypha austriaca. The information board on the nature trail refers to this as chicken of the woods, but that species looks nothing like this and it is in fact a bracket fungus! Don't believe everything you read on nature trails!

Three red deer!

Birds were a bit thin on the ground today, but even so we managed to see two marsh tits, marsh harrier, buzzards and various waders including this spotted redshank on the Allen pools.

Avocets are back in good numbers, we counted 30 on the Allen Pools.


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