Friday, 27 March 2015

Donna Nook, Lincolshire

Donna Nook re-alignment is similar in many repects to Hesketh Out Marsh or Freiston Shore RSPB, all of them are large areas of former farmland which have been surrounded by a new sea wall to allow the sea in to ease the pressure of rising sea levels on towns higher up the river. It's also called managed retreat, although that name is perhaps not so popular because it implies that we've lost the battle, which if course we have....

Most of the birds today were on the re-alignment scheme, and these inlcuded about 50 twite, 20 avocets and lots of redshank and dunlin.


Assuming that the bird on the right is a peregrine, then this is a photo of two peregrines. I'm not convinced though, it looks a bit odd (and big!) to me. All I can say is the peregrine doing the chasing was going beserk, I've never seen one act so strange. It certainly wasn't pleased to see to bird in front.

Roe deer.

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