Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tundra Bean Goose, Mythop Hall, Fylde

First stop today was Mythop Hall on Fylde to look for a tundra bean goose which has been present with a few hundred pink-feet for the past day or so. This is a species which at the best of times is difficult enough to pick out from a flock of pinkies, but I have a particular problem distinguishing orange and pink, especially when they're on the legs or the bill of a goose! However there are other differences to look for, bean is generally browner, bulkier, longer necked and has a stouter bill, but these are subtle differences so in the middle of a flock of 400 pink-feet it takes some finding.

However today we managed to get onto it almost immediately, and in the good sunlight even I could see that the legs were orange. Nice to see a tundra bean goose so well, I don't see enough of them for my liking. In all of the photos below, the bean goose is the bird at the back in the middle.

You can see the orange legs quite nicely on this photo.

Even better if I zoom in.

Notice how dark and brown it looks compared to the grey / brown of the nearby pink-feet, especially on its back. Notice also its obvious larger size and orange band on the bill.

The larger size is apparent in this photo, and look at the more robust bill.

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