Sunday, 10 February 2013

Eccleston Mere

Common "mealy" Redpoll 1
Siskin 40
Goldfinch 60
Tufted Duck 9 (5 males 4 females)

Despite the driving rain, I watched the finch flock feeding on fallen Alder seeds on the short, bright green turf of a golf teeing area. Fortunately I was high enough up to see over the fence, and they were a stunning sight, it was almost as though the reflection of the green on the birds plumages on such a dull day enhanced their colours. The Mealy Redpoll was the only Redpoll I saw today. To me, Lesser Redpolls always look to be a small dainty finch, almost tit like as they feed high up in the trees, but that's not the case with this bird. It's quite robust looking, clearly larger than the Siskins and it at least as big as some of the Goldfinches. The pale lines along its back were even more obvious than yesterday. Nice bird, dreadful day!

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