Saturday, 2 February 2013

Burton Mere Wetlands

Now it was a race against the clock, because it was getting to that time of day where you're thinking it's been a good day and perhaps this is the last stop. I arrived at BMW about 3:45pm. I had a quick look in the main hide and saw a Spotted Redshank and a Water Rail, both slightly distorted views through the glass, but still nice birds and a good way to end the day, or so I thought. On my way down to the next hide I saw Merlin number 4 for the day. I've never seen a Merlin behave quite like it to be honest, it was perching on top of a tree in the woods, and periodically flying out across the marsh to hunt, and then returning to the wood. Very strange! I was watching it with this bloke who I'd never met before, when he casually asked if I'd seen the Lesser Scaup which he had found at a place called Cop Pool near Connahs Quay. It was now 4:20pm and BMW was abandoned, I was off to Cop Pool....

Wood Merlin and dancing Water Rail (taken through glass).

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