Saturday, 22 December 2012

Leighton Moss

I saved an apple from my lunch to eat on the way to the public hide. Just as I went to put it to my mouth, this Robin came and landed on it! I was a bit startled, and the Robin flew off and landed on a fence post, so I held out the apple and the Robin flew back and started eating it. It did this about four times, before it spotted a juicy worm in the grass and reverted to normal. Amazing.

I thought you were supposed to be a meat eater??

Also at Leighton Moss today, a fantastic, close view of a male Bearded Tit on the causeway, two Marsh Harriers and several Water Rails heard.


  1. Hi Colin,

    There was an incredibly tame Robin at Leighton Moss year in the Autumn of 2011 often seen near the path to the Tim Jackson and Grisedale Hides. I managed to get some great photographs of it. Maybe its the same one!
    It was mentioned quite a bit on the RSPB Leighton Moss website last year.

    Best wishes,

    Simon Skidmore

  2. Hi Simon, I've seen tame Robins before at Leighton Moss, there was one a few years back which used to come into one of the hides and sit next to you. They are amazing birds, and no wonder people like them so much.


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