Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Arnside Knott

Within striking distance of the Lake District and some wonderful south Cumbrian nature reserves, and close to Leighton Moss and Silverdale, it's hard to imagine a more perfect place for a naturalist, Arnside Knott has some excellent wildlife and some spectacular views.

Teesdale Violet Viola rupestris at one of only four locations at which it occurs in the UK. Watch this space, I'm hoping to get up to Teesdale soon to see a few more. Interestingly, in Teesdale this violet is actually blue.

Southern Wood Ants Formica rufa.

Rare Spring Sedge Carex ericetorum.

Blue Moor Grass Sesleria caerulea. In Britain this species occurs mainly in a band from Cumbria to the Yorkshire Dales.

Morecambe Bay from Arnside Knott

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