Sunday, 1 January 2012

Rainford mosslands

I had a quick bike ride around the mosslands this morning, and as has been the trend recently, saw next to no birds. 300 Pink-feet and 2 Buzzards in Dairy Farm Road the only birds of note. Other than that the highlight was a singing Robin in Berrington's Lane. Oh well, here's hoping for better things in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year everybody!

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  1. Hi Colin,i went for a drive down near the colliers pub and fir tree farm on new years day using the car as a mobile hide.I got within 15 feet of a kestrel in a tree and took a photo through the windscreen.On the way home i noticed a guy in the fields at fir tree farm with a bop.It was a juvenile Goshawk and he let me take a few photos of it.Although they came out a bit bland looking because of the poor light he said he is very often in that area.So i may go down there again on a bright weekend day.


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